Friday, July 5, 2013

Borderline Personality Disorder

Tell me that you'll stay with me until one of us is dead, tell me how you love my heart but despise what's in my head.

You think I want to live like this; afraid and so alone immersed in all this anger that I cannot even control?

My life is like a desert land where nothing lovely grows and rain is just a mere mirage like the love I'll never hold.

How can I hold on when I myself let go; even when I try so hard to let my good side show.

Sometimes I'm in heaven and everything is bright and then the monster is unleashed and my day is dark as night.

I cannot bear this loneliness, the loss that I endure, why am I denied the right to be a happy soul?

Tell me that you'll be there, when I lose control, don't abandon me because you see; it's not really me at all.

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